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Club Super 6 League

BIBC Super 6 games

November 1st trial match:

Firstly, we would like to thank all the players who took part in our trial game today, especially all of you you who got involved at very short notice.

We managed to maximise rink availability with two teams of 12 players, playing a triples game, 2 woods singles game and 3 wood pairs game, even with current restrictions in place.

I personally, would like to give a big thank you to Chris Jenkins for working on the format for this match.

The match was scored on a simple 2pts for each game win, with Team Jenkins beating team Mallin 14-10.

Now that we have trialled the format, we have a better understanding of how long games are likely to take and we can make some adjustments to improve the gameplay in future matches.

We were hoping to play the next match in a couple of weeks, but due to the new restrictions coming in for November all plans will be put on hold for the next few weeks. 

As soon as circumstances allow us to continue playing bowls in large numbers we will put information the website and will also send out newsletters via email. 

If anyone who took part in todays game has any suggestions for improvements to the format, or would like to provide feedback, positive or otherwise, please contact using the form below

Daren Mallin 

Super 6 Feedback